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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: AOO t-shirts, other swag?
Date Sun, 06 May 2012 15:46:12 GMT
This can be a tricky area to comment on, because it all depends on the 
details - and especially the groups or individuals who are actually 
putting Apache logos on their products (tshirts, buttons, whatever). 
I'm presuming in this case that we have some folks who want to work on 
this that we already know and trust, and that are happy to work with the 
PPMC to get approvals for the plan(s).

- The first step is to get PPMC approval.  Fundamentally it's the PPMC 
that should set the tone for such efforts, and should be happy with 
what's being sold and where the profit is going.  This is much easier to 
manage when the people doing the production or selling are already 
working in, and well known by the community (like Jean and Juergen are 
in this thread; these ideas sound great to me).

- Logos should be official ones from the project (someday, variations 
both for print styles, as well as "powered by" or "I heart" would be 
great), or should be approved for use otherwise.

- Items should be at cost, or else a portion of profits need to be 
pledged to the ASF.  The existing vendors on our buy_stuff.html page 
each have agreed to send part or all of the profits to the ASF.  I 
believe some have simply set their CafePress accounts to simply send the 
quarterly checks to the ASF, making it easy.  (Although I love the idea 
of working with another vendor for better prices; preprinting in bulk is 
far cheaper if someone can volunteer to manage the stock)

Note that Apache in general does not fund these activities.  Pending 
approval, we're happy in general to have community members do this kind 
of thing.  In some cases (like Friends of... and I think potentially 
other OOo-related groups where we know the people), it's also allowable 
for outside people to organize this kind of thing.

- Shane

On 2012-04-30 4:57 PM, Jean Weber wrote:
> Do we have plans for AOO promotional t-shirts and other swag? Would
> this need to go through an Apache store or can AOO do it?
> I'm not looking at this as a way to raise money (which would need to
> go to Apache, not AOO, anyway), but rather for promotion. People at
> trade shows, developers' conferences, etc can wear tshirts; buttons
> and other low-cost items could be given away at booths; tshirts could
> be given away as prizes; people can have mugs and mousepads at work...
> well, you know the drill. Could be sold on eg CafePress at cost.
> --Jean

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