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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Communications Outline in Support of Apache OpenOffice 3.4
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 23:32:14 GMT
On 18 April 2012 00:25, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> I confirm I plan to do a Computerworld post (or two).these won't be about
> AOO specifically, but about the Apache Way and it's fit to large projects
> like AOO.

The first of these posts has been written and is waiting for the
release to go live. I focusses on what it means when we say the ASF
and its projects are "all volunteer". I use AOO as a case study. In
terms of Don's three objectives this piece targets "3. *Speak to ICT
Leaders in business, government and education
sectors* confused and unsure of the future of OpenOffice since Oracle
left the business."

I hope to find the time to do another one that is more aimed at
developers (don's objective number 2).


> Sent from my mobile device, please forgive errors and brevity.
> On Apr 17, 2012 4:38 PM, "Donald Harbison" <> wrote:
>> I think it might be useful to consolidate some of what I've seen popping
>> up
>> on various threads regarding the importance of active and ongoing
>> communication of our project.
>> If we can coalesce on a common set of objectives, our individual voice
>> will
>> help weave the overall story for folks. I'm starting this discussion on
>> ooo-marketing for now, but we may want to move it to ooo-dev shortly,
>> depending on how this shakes out.
>> Objectives:
>>   1. *Speak to end users *of OpenOffice 3.x, encourage them to download
>>   and install Apache OpenOffice 3.4. Explain what's new at Apache, and
>> invite
>>   folks to come learn and participate in a range of capacities.
>>   2. *Speak to developers.* Highlight the 'new since OpenOffice 3.4 Beta'
>>   elements. Consolidate a 'Getting Started as a Developer' wiki page(s)
>>   3. *Speak to ICT Leaders in business, government and education
>> sectors* confused
>>   and unsure of the future of OpenOffice since Oracle left the business.
>> Tactics:
>>   - I volunteer to draft the Announcement post and review with folks on
>>   list a post for the project blog, unless someone else is dying to get it
>>   rolling first. We're seeing the endgame for the 3.4 release, so it's
>>   definitely time to get this together and ready to publish. Timing of
>>   publication should be coordinated with ooo-dev and infra folks so that
>> we
>>   are assured of sufficient download capacity. We also want to have Hagar
>> and
>>   others in the fora profiled so that end users know where to go with
>>   questions.
>>   - Who wants to volunteer to do a post 'speaking to developers'?  Drew, I
>>   saw you thinking in this direction, for example.
>>   - Louis, do you want to tackle a post on 'speaking to ICT leaders...'? I
>>   think this is an opportunity to broker the conversation between the
>>   sponsors and the service / support providers.
>>   - Interviews(!) ...yes, many thought these would be good to do for a
>>   variety of reasons. Dave the Wave Fisher, is reviewing my interview of
>> him
>>   and getting it approved by his management for publication. The idea here
>>   was to use the project blog for short profiles introducing folks to
>>   folks....Let's get back to this... please. May I suggest that someone
>>   volunteer to interview:
>>      - Drew
>>      - Kay
>>      - Juergen
>>      - Others...
>>   - Mentor blogging. Ross and other ASF leaders have their blogs. Given
>>   the adventure we've been having moving OpenOffice into Apache starting
>> last
>>   summer, I think there's plenty of material to illustrate the Apache Way
>>   with the way we've been progressing despite some signficant challenges.
>>   - Social media -- primarily twitter feeds to amplify the posts when they
>>   happen with #openoffice, and #apache hashtags.
>> I'm sure folks have other ideas, so please add them to this discussion.
>> Let's also use the Marketing Planning wiki to capture the work planning
>> and
>> drafting here **

Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
Programme Leader (Open Development)

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