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From drew <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Communications Outline in Support of Apache OpenOffice 3.4
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:26:39 GMT
On Tue, 2012-04-17 at 11:37 -0400, Donald Harbison wrote:
> I think it might be useful to consolidate some of what I've seen popping up
> on various threads regarding the importance of active and ongoing
> communication of our project.
> If we can coalesce on a common set of objectives, our individual voice will
> help weave the overall story for folks. I'm starting this discussion on
> ooo-marketing for now, but we may want to move it to ooo-dev shortly,
> depending on how this shakes out.
> Objectives:
>    1. *Speak to end users *of OpenOffice 3.x, encourage them to download
>    and install Apache OpenOffice 3.4. Explain what's new at Apache, and invite
>    folks to come learn and participate in a range of capacities.
>    2. *Speak to developers.* Highlight the 'new since OpenOffice 3.4 Beta'
>    elements. Consolidate a 'Getting Started as a Developer' wiki page(s)
>    3. *Speak to ICT Leaders in business, government and education
> sectors* confused
>    and unsure of the future of OpenOffice since Oracle left the business.
> Tactics:
>    - I volunteer to draft the Announcement post and review with folks on
>    list a post for the project blog, unless someone else is dying to get it
>    rolling first. We're seeing the endgame for the 3.4 release, so it's
>    definitely time to get this together and ready to publish. Timing of
>    publication should be coordinated with ooo-dev and infra folks so that we
>    are assured of sufficient download capacity. We also want to have Hagar and
>    others in the fora profiled so that end users know where to go with
>    questions.
>    - Who wants to volunteer to do a post 'speaking to developers'?  Drew, I
>    saw you thinking in this direction, for example.


Yeah - a couple of ideas for subjects come to mind straight away. 

I am not doing development, so I can't replace articles coming from the
developers - but one of the ideas would be to pull together a synopsis
of the new tools environment. With the RC cycle starting I would be
surprised if for instance some folks wake up who may of filed a bug
report in the past, maybe even some light contributions beyond that, so
a post on what's changed in bugzilla, what happened to EIS maybe, what
to know about the new VCS.. I think most of this stuff is scattered
along the mailing lists and some wiki pages right now, so should be able
to get most of that together without being too much of a pest, though
would expect a few questions from me on the dev list as I go.

So, yes count on me for a blog post. I'll start work on it tonight.


>    - Louis, do you want to tackle a post on 'speaking to ICT leaders...'? I
>    think this is an opportunity to broker the conversation between the
>    sponsors and the service / support providers.
>    - Interviews(!) ...yes, many thought these would be good to do for a
>    variety of reasons. Dave the Wave Fisher, is reviewing my interview of him
>    and getting it approved by his management for publication. The idea here
>    was to use the project blog for short profiles introducing folks to
>    folks....Let's get back to this... please. May I suggest that someone
>    volunteer to interview:
>       - Drew
>       - Kay
>       - Juergen
>       - Others...
>    - Mentor blogging. Ross and other ASF leaders have their blogs. Given
>    the adventure we've been having moving OpenOffice into Apache starting last
>    summer, I think there's plenty of material to illustrate the Apache Way
>    with the way we've been progressing despite some signficant challenges.
>    - Social media -- primarily twitter feeds to amplify the posts when they
>    happen with #openoffice, and #apache hashtags.
> I'm sure folks have other ideas, so please add them to this discussion.
> Let's also use the Marketing Planning wiki to capture the work planning and
> drafting here **

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