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From Terry <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice promotion tips
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 00:31:32 GMT
I don't get the metaphor but never mind that.  My observations are based on several years
of tracking forum posts and working in business environments.

1.  In my day (and I know things may have changed), most documents dispatched by an organisation
were (are) in hard copy form,  Bureaucracy still reigns supreme, so I doubt that much has
changed in that respect.  I know that the paper war I experience is as active as ever. 
Format compatibility is not required for documents which will be printed before dispatch.

2.  Many documents are produced in an organisation for use within an organisation.  Compatibility
with other formats is not required for that.

3.  Many individuals who require compatibility do so in order to work with their employer's
documents.  If their employer uses the open document format so will they.

4.  Organisations raising issues on forums have, more often than not, been obliged to use
other software to gain the feature they need.  One issue which has surfaced a few times has
been the difficulty of enabling editing by more than one user at a time.  A recent one concerned
the lack of security for temporary files created by the software.

5.  The article cited refers to collaboration via the web.  If MSFT and Google see that
as a market worth providing for, we could pay it some attention.


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> From: Dennis E. Hamilton <>
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> Sent: Saturday, 3 March 2012 6:11 AM
> Subject: RE: Re: Re: OpenOffice promotion tips
>T he problem will be turning the puffery about "compatible with Microsoft 
> Office formats" into something fact-based that does not lead to folks 
> abandoning OOo after enough failed interop efforts.  Also, some folks do have 
> different user-experience preferences.  
> The problem will be akin to this: 
> <>. 

> (See the sideways reference to LibreOffice in the File Fidelity section.)
> - Dennis 
> PS: For Firefox, the issue was who does HTML better along with features such as 
> speed, presumed security, price and ease of substitution.  At the moment, doing 
> ODF better is not a compelling factor.  I believe price and availability (Linux, 
> Macintosh, Windows) are factors at the consumer level, and interchange fidelity 
> is the fence around that corral.  
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> From: Ramon Sole [] 
> Sent: Friday, March 02, 2012 02:36
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> Subject: Re: Re: Re: OpenOffice promotion tips
> [ ... ]
> Maybe we should position AOO as a "better" product than MS Office -and 
> that's doesn't mean more features, that's mean more suitable for the 
> average user.
> [ ... ]

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