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From Vadim Korsakov <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice promotion tips
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 11:10:11 GMT
Another fresh idea of mine. Is to persuade finnish paper manufacturers 
to support our project. E.g. placing a statement on a packet of paper 
"Use open office writer and our paper to create and  your documents".

On 29-Feb-12 13:06, Vadim Korsakov wrote:
> I considered this also. I actually think that shops may be even more 
> interested in that. And in my opinion if we have an agreement with one 
> big distributor it will be more simple than persuading 5-6 different 
> electronics manufacturers. Actually when I mentioned shops I mentioned 
> big distributors such as Finnish Gigantti.
> BR
> Vadim
> On 29-Feb-12 11:22, Gianvittorio wrote:
>> Vadim,
>> Going to each single shop might be a good strategy, but did you 
>> consider going to a distributor (somebody who sells to shops)?
>> The issue is that I am not sure we have worked out a value 
>> proposition for the shops (or distributors).
>> Put down badly, these organizations are earning money when they sell 
>> other people's office applications.
>> They might face "retaliation" from the other office supplier if they 
>> start offering Open Office.
>> What we need to work out is: why would they start giving out Open 
>> Office CDs and what would make it worth going against the potential 
>> wrath of those other guys?
>> Gian
>> On Wed 29/02/12 00:12 , Vadim Korsakov sent:
>>> Dear mailing list  participants
>>> I was thinking about OOo promotion considered the earlier mentioned
>>> points of view and think that we may collaborate with shops who sell
>>> computers.
>>> They may present a  disk with open office as a bonus to their 
>>> customers.
>>> I will try to negotiate with some of such shops which are situated in
>>> Finland. I am still not sure but in my opinion it will be a good idea.
>>> I also need any other tips related to OOo promotion. Please share your
>>> opinions...
>>> BR
>>> Vadim Korsakov

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