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From Vadim Korsakov <>
Subject Re: Where is the OpenOffice logo used?
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 16:37:43 GMT

I am thinking also about general promotion of open office.
I also think it would be a great idea to encourage companies who make 
proprietary software to include OpenOffice in their distributions. But I 
do not think that companies who make proprietary OS will include OOo in 
their distributions. In most cases they have their own office software 
that they need to promote.

We can also negotiate with different companies who produces all kinds of 
software except OS to include in their distributions open office as a 
bonus to a customer. In my opinion it can improve the popularity of a 
product. E.g. somebody buys an antivirus and gets a bonus office packet 
with the same DVD.

What is your opinion?

Vadim Korsakov,

On 21-Feb-12 18:25, Lily Kim wrote:
> Who are you people?
> Lily Kim
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Gianvittorio<>
> To: ooo-marketing<>; Rob Weir<>
> Sent: Tue, Feb 21, 2012 10:14 am
> Subject: Re: Where is the OpenOffice logo used?
> 	Hi Rob,
>   How about:
>      *youtube tutorials
>      *companies offering services based on OpenOffice technology
> 	Gian
>   On Mon 20/02/12 23:33 , Rob Weir sent:
>    I'd like to put together more complete branding and trademark usage
>   guidelines for the project. One goal would be to have as many of the
>   common uses already described, and permission granted (under certain
>   conditions), without requiring additional approvals. For example, we
>   might (hypothetically say) that the logo may be used on CD's that
>   contain unmodified, verbatim copies of OpenOffice, but that the use
> of
>   the logo with modified copies of the product would require explicit
>   permission from us. I don't want to debate the policy of what
>   permissions will be given and under which conditions today -- that
>   debate will happen later -- but I would like to enumerate how the
> logo
>   is used today, what range of goods and activities use it. This will
>   help us make sure that are policy covers all of the common uses.
>   I'd love some help putting together this list. Please consider all
>   common uses, including the "bad" ones, so the policy takes into
>   account what we want to promote as well as we want to avoid.
>   Off the top of my head, I think we have:
>   - Distribution of CD's containing unmodified copies of the
> OpenOffice install
>   - Websites hosting downloads of the unmodified OpenOffice install
>   - Websites hosting modified installs for OpenOffice (some including
>   ad-ware, etc)
>   - Websites/blogs linking to the website for downloads
>   - User websites or blogs with banner expressing support of the
> project
>   and OpenOffice
>   - Social media websites with accounts that promote OpenOffice,
>   including ones that officially represent the project, as well as
>   unofficial ones.
>   - Books and articles about OpenOffice
>   - Banners at conferences and other venues where information about
>   OpenOffice is presented
>   - Official websites controlled by the OpenOffice project
>   - Unofficial websites that host OpenOffice-related material or offer
>   OpenOffice-related services, including commercial services
>   - Software based on OpenOffice, ranging from unmodiifed binaries
> with
>   bundled plugins, to modified installs, to modified core code,
>   including ports.
>   - Inclusion of OpenOffice in OS distributions and bundled with
> hardware
>   If anyone can think of anything else that they've come across,
> please
>   add it to the list!
>   Thanks,
>   -Rob

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