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From Gianvittorio <>
Subject Re: Re: OpenOffice promotion tips
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 13:51:11 GMT


	This is what I know:
 Page 8
 Office Starter 2010 licenses are available at $5 per license
 Office Starter 2010 licenses as part of PC Essentials are available
at $2 per license. 

	The starter licenses are a cost for the PC manufacturers. The
distributors get to sell the licenses and obviously make a margin on
selling those. 

	There has been a time in which MSFT was putting pressure on PC
manufacturers to include Windows and not Linux on their hardware. 
 Dell broke ranks, licensed Ubuntu/Red Hat/Suse and delayed the
introduction of Vista. 
 Since then I believe that MSFT became more helpful and convinced
people not to go with Android on mini-laptops by keeping XP alive and
lowering its price. 
 These days MSFT has a Windows7 Starter Edition and an Office Starter
Edition (you can see the prices above) for that segment of the market.

	I think that IBM is leading the way. They take Open Office, tweak it
and make Symphony out of it. Could we not work with Acer to make Acer
Office and HP to make HP Office, etc? The branding advantage would
probably obscure the $5 price tag for the Starter Edition...  

	Just my $0.02, 

 On Wed 29/02/12 13:43 , Rob Weir sent:
  On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 4:22 AM, Gianvittorio  wrote:
 > Vadim,
 > Going to each single shop might be a good strategy, but did you
consider going to a distributor (somebody who sells to shops)?
 > The issue is that I am not sure we have worked out a value
proposition for the shops (or distributors).
 > Put down badly, these organizations are earning money when they
sell other people's office applications.
 > They might face "retaliation" from the other office supplier if
they start offering Open Office
 This is something we don't know the details on. When a PC vendor
 includes a time-bombed trial of MS Office, what is the financial
 arrangement? Is Microsoft paying the vendor to include the trial?
 Does the hardware vendor get paid when the user upgrades/converts to
 the full version of MS Office? If so, this would be nearly
 to compete against. Although moving to AOO could benefit the user
 is free), the hardware vendor would lose money.
 However, if a vendor bundles full copies of MS Office, then they are
 passing the cost on to the user. So a vendor that includes AOO can
 offer a lower price compared to their competitors.
 So I think the "sweet spot" would be lower-end ("value") Windows PC
 and laptop vendors selling to price-conscious consumers.
 > What we need to work out is: why would they start giving out Open
Office CDs and what would make it worth going against the potential
wrath of those other guys?
 > Gian
 > On Wed 29/02/12 00:12 , Vadim Korsakov  sent:
 >> Dear mailing list  participants
 >> I was thinking about OOo promotion considered the earlier
 >> points of view and think that we may collaborate with shops who
 >> computers.
 >> They may present a  disk with open office as a bonus to their
 >> I will try to negotiate with some of such shops which are
situated in
 >> Finland. I am still not sure but in my opinion it will be a good
 >> I also need any other tips related to OOo promotion. Please share
 >> opinions...
 >> BR
 >> Vadim Korsakov


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