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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Re: OpenOffice promotion tips
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 19:20:56 GMT
I see no reason that Apache OpenOffice could not simply be installed with various OEM distributions
of operating systems, and in the case of the Windows platform, pre-installed in the way that
many other applications tend to be bundled.  This could be an install-on-click for those who
want it, or even fully installed already as part of the OEM setup so it is there as part of
the first-run Windows setup.  I think install on click is nicer, especially since there is
less space taken unless the user opts for it.

Branding might be appealing to the OEM but the downside is that the OEM is unlikely to provide
support, just as they don't for other OEM-bundled third-party goodies.  Users may be startled
that there is only peer support for such an install and it would be important to be careful
in terms of first impression and in support needs, access to tutorials, etc.  My sense is
that the more intermediary-customizations there are in the way, the more awkward the support
situation becomes and it will reflect back on AOO.

Another case, especially for Windows, might be for an SE (Starter/Special Edition) that is
recommended for OEMs and that provides for easy end-user customization, addition of extensions,
etc., but doesn't blow out the OEM initial-configuration disk footprint and is highly friendly.
 There might even be something to learn from ooo4kids (or vice versa).  These might be limited
to one localization each (or a small set for multi-lingual countries/language groups) and
other ways of shrinking the distro but with the usual access to upgrades, full editions, etc.
 That is also valuable, I think, in that OEMs might not upgrade their pre-installs very regularly
and the supply chain will have old versions regardless.  It is valuable for an user to be
able to quickly and easily obtain the latest and it works better if the branding is consistent.
 (I suppose something simple like the equivalent of an OEM-configurable startup image or theme
set, in a fixed location, even in the same folder as the unmodified SE install might work,
and upgrades could find and use that too.  Enterprises might like that idea too.)

If the OEM has a limited hardware configuration that appeals in particular markets, the SE
should be minimal in a similar way.  (I have not checked to see what is bundled in the Zorin
OS 5.2 lite for old and low-spec computers, but an SE would be appropriate for that case and
any Windows that OEMs can still ship on low-spec computers too.  -- This is an opportunity
for both Linux and Windows shipped by OEMs and OS providers for desktops/laptops.)

Of course, it would help if AOO were more modular to allow for an SE and other adaptations,
but that is not something that will happen soon.

 - Dennis

PS: That is not how Symphony is produced, although it may be what happens on the road to AOO

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Sent: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 05:51
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	I think that IBM is leading the way. They take Open Office, tweak it
and make Symphony out of it. Could we not work with Acer to make Acer
Office and HP to make HP Office, etc? The branding advantage would
probably obscure the $5 price tag for the Starter Edition...  

	Just my $0.02, 

 On Wed 29/02/12 13:43 , Rob Weir sent:
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 However, if a vendor bundles full copies of MS Office, then they are
 passing the cost on to the user. So a vendor that includes AOO can
 offer a lower price compared to their competitors.
 So I think the "sweet spot" would be lower-end ("value") Windows PC
 and laptop vendors selling to price-conscious consumers.
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