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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Distinguishing Apache OpenOffice Releases
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 06:04:34 GMT
On 12/11/11 2:50 AM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>   I was thinking that, to the extent that AOO is a reboot of, it would
be useful to break from the OO.o version-numbering progression in some way, especially because
the incubator releases have a special status.
>   I would normally have raised this only on ooo-dev, but it is the connection with automobile
models that had me come here instead.
>   I was thinking that the incubator releases could begin their own distinct progression.
 My thought was to use identifiers like 3i4, or even A3i4 (no punctuation marks unless there
are dot releases).  There can also be A3i4-beta, a3i4-rc1, and the like.
> I don't know where that goes beyond incubation.  Maybe A3x5 or whatever.  Even A4x for
starters, if it is really that dramatically different when incubation exit occurs.
> On the technical side, it should be possible to install all of these side-by-side with
each other and also with any other release built on an legacy model.  (There
should be an option to upgrade over previous A3i4, say, but it should not be forced.  That's
a matter of making it easy for someone to back out a release or beta that is a regression
for them.)
>   - Dennis

I see no reason for changing the version number scheming and agree with 
Rob and Marcus. We use this version number also for versioning of the
abi of the UNO core libraries and i woiudl like to keep it consistent.



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