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From Graham Lauder <>
Subject Re: Aoo logo draft
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2011 12:52:37 GMT
On Sunday 18 Dec 2011 17:26:05 Dave Fisher wrote:
> Graham,

Hi Dave

> > 
> > My reasons are as follows:
> > Apache hasn't dealt with any other consumer end products in the past, it
> > doesn't have a profile in the consumer market space.  If I walked into
> > Times Square in NY or Viaduct Basin in Auckland or The Brandenburg Gate
> > in Berlin and asked 200 random people to name an Apache product, what
> > sort of answers would I get.  If I asked "Do you recognise either of
> > these names, and Apache Software foundation."
> > 
> > What do you think the answers would be and how many would show
> > recognition and what of?  I think I can predict, but I don't know, but I
> > would be prepared to take clipboard in hand, do the hard yards and find
> > out.
> They would recognize OpenOffice more than Apache and

Do you have end user research to back that assertion up, not that I'm 
disagreeing with the statement, just that saying that without meaningful 
research is simply a statement of opinion.  I have made long and boring 
dissertations in the past as to why the .org is on the end and why it should 
stay as part of the brand.  The reasons are provably good even if people more 
often than not, drop the org in conversation and frankly I don't want to go 
into them at this hour.  The point  I was making was that research needs to be 
done with those who at the end of the day will be using the software to make 
any decision meaningful.

> > Secondly in terms of negative brand image, is the Apache infrastructure
> > capable of serving up just shy of 300,000 downloads an hour, for months
> > on end) and that approx 130 Mb per download.   We have had complaints
> > about bandwidth usage by the extensions site, demand for  which is
> > miniscule by comparison
> The ASF uses many of the same mirrors that does. It is just
> done differently.

It was the mirrors that were the problem, before they could mirror the 
software, they had to download it first.  While they were trying to download 
it they didn't have it on the mirrors so there was only place to get it for 
everybody who had been waiting in eager anticipation. 

> Keep in mind that well over half of all web servers are Apache HTTPD
> Servers!

And all of the mirrors serving OOo were the same, not sure what that has to do 
with the price of scrap metal on tuesday.  

> > So the question is when the servers choke when we do our first release
> > (As Suns servers did for about 4 or 5 days after 3.0):  Whose brand is
> > going to take the hammering? Obviously because people will come to
> > download OOo, it will be that brand that takes flack, not  Apache.

The comment here wasn't so much about Apache infrastructure but about which 
brand would take the flack in case of a repeat of the 3.0 issues

> If you gather some statistics about that event then once we know what the
> size of the next release might be then calculations can be made.

Stefan Taxnet would probably be your best bet in getting the info with regard 
to this.  I should point out that we were all taken by surprise, we knew it 
was going to be popular and that there was considerable anticipation in the 
market, but it was unprecedented.  It never happened again. The 300,000 
downloads an hour continued for months however. 

> > These things are the reality of a successful consumer space product.
> > Maybe  Apache's brand awareness will lift by hanging on to OOo's
> > coattails, I don't know, but other than "It's Policy!" there is no good
> > reason to prefer Apache as prefix over tagline, either works for the 
> > Apache brand, but the tagline doesn't dilute OOo's brand as badly as the
> > prefix does.
> You have been wanting to form a marketing campaign. You are welcome. Please
> join in the discussions on ooo-dev. Ross is working on the Open Letter, a
> long running thread.

I'm talking about a campaign, not dribs and drabs and breadcrumbs.  All of 
what is being done is reactionary, we are not defining the conversation, there 
is no strategy and there is no point me going there and giving my views:  that 
they are wasting precious energy for no payback.  We will go to the market 
when we are ready and when we have something to talk about and when we can 
shape the message to suit us.  

First we need a strategy and a brand, then we need to shape our message to 
target markets and define our delivery (and seek funding if necessary) 

Because of timing my no.1 priority right now is exhaust every avenue seeking 
to retain the brandname as  If that is immutable then a 
completely new name... Hmmm it comes to mind that when we get the Symphony 
Code, that a nice nod in that direction would be to call it Concerto.  Apache 
Concerto, now that I like.

Sorry brainstorm mode kicked in.  :)


> Best Regards,
> Dave
> > Cheers
> > GL

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