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From drew <>
Subject Running an aggregation site for Apache OpenOffice project at
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 23:46:58 GMT

For those that are not familiar with it's a free (ad
sponsered) service. The sight launched a bit over a year ago and I have
been maintaining different configurations since almost day 1 - most of
those, but not all[1], configurations (papers) dealt with, or LibreOffice or both. The service takes up to 10
distinct data streams

Recently I changed one of those configurations to generate 'The Apache
OpenOffice(tm) Daily. 

Alright, for the most part of this last year my time was put, nearly
exclusively to just one paper

(unfortunately, or so it seems, getting a url such as that was something
quickly lost to growth at the paper il they are numeric
only ... bummer[1])

Dennis mentioned one other 'paper's in an earlier email 
- The Apache OpenOffice Daily, and I mentioned in the editors note, at
same,  this was originally named The OpenOffice org Daily.

So first thing on that - the url listed in Dennis' email is about to be
removed, it is tied to the twitter account used when the paper
configuration was initialized. I would much prefer do this, long term,
using a twitter account not tied to that account - and focused with this
particular use, driving aggregation style services, for now this
singular instance 
- and I would like to treat (offer) this new twitter account as a shared
resource with a limited number of community members, should there be any
interested of course.

Share the twitter account, and therefore the data stream for this - and
the paper configuration.

Here is the location I am planning on going forward with:

- sounds simple, 10 data streams, a mix of any of the following:
Twitter account alone
twitter account group (account + followers, lists)
Twitter hash tag search (one tag per slot) + added filters
Twitter text search + filters (one per paper)
Facebook user account (one per slot)
Facebook text search (one per paper)

Building up the readership of the libo paper took attention on a regular
basis over time, and still does.

Finally - I would like to keep the background (not speaking of the logo
on it, this moment) and think I can just do this, as it started as
wallpaper donation on the oo.o wiki under GPL - I then altered it a bit
for current colors and trimmed it down a bunch of bytes.

The logo currently on the background is of the design suggestion I put
to the wiki the other day - I'd like to use it, but I understand if
folks think it's not a good idea today.. in that case I would like to ue
the current OO.o logo in it's place.

I suppose that's two questions:
Long term can I use one of the logos on this particular web address?
For the moment may I leave my design proposal?

Thanks for you time on this,


This paper represents a group of twitter accounts, no tag searches and
the like, a list generated by searching the twitter stream for a
specific, conference, hash tag - and moving onto the list anyone that
was obviously presenting or attending same. It's been an interesting
list to read actually, when I generated, which has been sporadic.

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