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From Terry <>
Subject Re: Aoo logo draft
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 05:57:46 GMT
The next release will be installed by people who are familiar with the name and branding of
OpenOffice.  Most may well not even have heard of the ASF.  The name 'OpenOffice' alone
may not necessarily be sufficient to identify the new release with the well-known brand but
combining it with familiar symbols will.

I agree with the sentiment of making a fresh start but I think we should take the market with
us rather than getting ahead of it.

Regards, Terry

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> From: Graham Lauder <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, 6 December 2011 12:21 AM
> Subject: Re: Aoo logo draft
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> My feeling at this point is that it would be preferable to start as we mean to 
> go on.  As has been pointed out to me on numerous occasions this is not the 
> old OOo project.  True, we are in incubating and not yet a TLP, however it 
> seems that we should be marketing the project as if we were, so that it can be 
> seen what we look like once we do become a TLP. Therefore I think we need to 
> look at the branding with a long term perspective.
> Whatever release is put out  by this podling, from now on will be an Apache 
> release under Apache license and branding should reflect that.
> The name isn't a hell of a lot different, other than the Apache lead, so the 
> new brand needs to reflect that this is a new beginning for a new project that 
> just happens to be based on the old OOo code that retains some of the old 
> name. 
> The old logo and branding is now past tense we need a reboot to see us into 
> the future.
> Retaining the old branding or even something like it simply reinforces the 
> view that the project stuttered and stopped and is now staggering back to life 
> but is now way back down the track with the "competition" having 
> continued at 
> full pace.  
> We are in the situation now, given the time lapse, of being seen as 
> irrelevant.  The only way to counter that is to come back to the market 
> refreshed and announcing to the world that we are still with the frontrunners 
> by being bold and brazen with good code, innovative features and a bold new 
> look.  This is the only chance we will have to do this, once we're back in 
> people's consciousness any changes to the branding will have to be 
> incremental 
> and small.
> Cheers
> GL
> PS:  Normally I despise "Brand Competitions" with a decision by vote 
> and I 
> still do.  However a Competition may be the best bet at this juncture, however 
> we need to use marketing best practice here.  If we decide on a competition my 
> suggestion is to get the community (Dev list) vote down to top five by 
> transferable vote or we have consensus.  
> Those people in the community who wish to be involved in marketing (this list) 
> then remove two more by consensus. Then all of those people take the remaining 
> three variations and survey end users in good old fashioned market research. 
> The other option is the Apache way, "Those that do the work  make the 
> decision." Those on this list create the branding elements and we work it 
> over 
> until we have a consensus. 
> PPS:  Obviously contributors will need to have signed an ICLA to have artwork 
> considered.
> G

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