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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Aoo logo draft
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2011 22:11:22 GMT
To contribute and discuss the web design, use the OOOUSERS Community wiki, <>,
the same way Drew did at <>.
 Anyone can register and contribute to that wiki, edit pages, and also comment on existing
posts, such as those on the page Drew started. 

The answer to the first question is "yes" with it being more software developers than website
designers at the moment.  That does not mean there are not places to work out design considerations,
branding, etc.  Just keep in mind that it will still be and go through incubation
along with the code and everything else, so it doesn't have to be all switched over at once.
In fact, it might be peculiar if it were, since most support requests, access to tutorials
and so on will be about pre-Apache releases for some time.

Only Apache OpenOffice podling committers are able to modify the site currently being staged,
and it is done using MarkDown and the Apache OpenOffice podling Subversion source-code control
system. Web site publishing starts there goes to a staging site, and then to, currently, a
"preview" site.  When the domain is redirected, the preview site will become
the source of static content.

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From: Terry [] 
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 13:53
Subject: Re: Aoo logo draft

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Is website design handled by website designers or by software developers?  Is it possible
for anyone here to submit anything for consideration by the site builders and, if so, how?

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