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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Process for deciding on branding strategy for our first release
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 00:30:15 GMT
One suggestion: make it clear which list we're primarily discussing any 
proposals on, so we don't keep having threads come and go between lists.

I would normally expect that major decisions for the project would be 
decided by a [VOTE] thread on the ooo-dev@ list.

On 10/31/2011 8:01 PM, Terry wrote:
> As far as the substance is concerned,
> 1.  Name:
> The word 'Apache' has to be used.  'OpenOffice' has history and familiarity.  The
> suffix '.org' is no longer needed.  It was an oddity to name software with the address
> of a website.

In particular, people should read:

> 2.  Logos:
> The Apache logo must be used.  To make sure that people recognise the heritage of the
> software, at least one OpenOffice logo should be used.  This is a link to a page containing
> brands:

The project is free to choose a graphical logo in their own style. 
There is *no* requirement to include the Apache feather in the actual 
product logo; if the project does happen to want to incorporate the 
feather in your product logo, you must use the correct 
colors/orientation/style of the master logo as displayed on

I would strongly suggest that someplace in the navigation of the various 
websites - either part of a navbar, menu links, or the footer - have 
either a noticeable text link or a feather with a link to the main 
Apache homepage, to emphasize that this is an Apache project.

- Shane

P.S. Reminder: if the project has a specific question about Apache 
branding, please email trademarks@ directly.  While I do read this/these 
list(s) as a mentor fairly regularly, specific branding questions belong 
on tradmarks@

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