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From Terry <>
Subject Re: Can the Site be a Haven for All?
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 10:28:03 GMT
I like the idea but it would be a radical change in direction.  Does anyone know the current
status of ?  That seems to be a possible site for collaboration
at least as far as user documentation is concerned.

The site has been in existence for a long time.  It links to


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> From: Dennis E. Hamilton <>
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> Sent: Thursday, 3 November 2011 12:53 PM
> Subject: Can the Site be a Haven for All?
> Marcus raises an issue that has been lurking in the back of my head since 
> migration efforts began to bear fruit.  
> It has been common to express our intention that the http:// * 
> site be an umbrella or common ground (better perhaps: "bridge") for 
> the sibling efforts that share a common heritage in the original StarOffice and 
> software.  
> I don't think there has been attention on the reality of making the site 
> hospitable in that respect.  I don't know that it can be a meaningful 
> umbrella, especially when the branding is as one-sided as it is and will 
> continue to be, financial contributions are solicited, etc.  Since siblings also 
> seek brand recognition for their own offerings, http:// * is 
> perhaps not multi-faceted enough, especially since there is not and will not be 
> anything like shared control.  
> Still, the Forums, 
> <>, proclaim their ecumenical 
> intentions, indirectly, in their banner.  And maybe it is an ecumenical 
> reciprocity that is to be hoped for.  Somehow, there needs to be polite 
> recognition of each other and cooperation with regard to seeing that our flocks 
> are at home wherever they choose to seek sustenance and support.  It would be 
> wonderful were that apparent in our marketing voice and in how the existence of 
> siblings is expressed and their users encouraged.
> It seems that the likely case is that there will be friendly cross-connection 
> (sort of the old link-exchange idea) and folks will tend to be asking and 
> answering questions about one release or the other in various places.  There are 
> also some non-affiliated sites that provide substantial support to our various 
> users, including support for some spread of interoperability considerations 
> among the siblings and also with products from Redmond, Cupertino, Mountain 
> View, Beijing and beyond.  (E.g., I recently saw some fascinating statistics for 
> <>.  The atmosphere of some forums/lists more 
> inhospitable to user-issues regarding interop with non-ODF applications than 
> others.  And these different support centers do exhibit a certain 
> competitiveness with respect to each other from time to time.)
> - Dennis
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> From: Marcus (OOo) [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 17:20
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> Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Product Branding
> [ ... ]
> I repeat my suggestion on this list:
> Let's build a roof on "" for all Office suites 
> that 
> are based on Then the trademark is used often enough to 
> keep the rights reserved.
> - and -
> Every peer should be happy as they can use this portal to give some 
> information, to be a part of the Office family and to link back to their 
> real project and product home.
> Marcus
> [ ... ]

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