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From Terry <>
Subject Re: Process for deciding on branding strategy for our first release
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 21:37:56 GMT
I agree wholeheartedly.  There seems to be no point to having a discussion here except that
it may involve more people becoming involved in the discussion.  I do not understand why
members of the ooo-dev list who are interested in marketing cannot join this list.  Nor do
I understand why, now that this list exists, a discussion is being held on ooo-dev.  Being
skilled in the use of code does not confer omniscience.

When I have participated in product naming and branding discussions, they have been conducted
as a 'brainstorming' discussion.  Choosing a name, symbols, icons and logos isn't like writing
code.  For brainstorming, the more contributions the better.

Brands, it seems, are the domain of the trademarks list.  So, why discuss that here?  Even
though brands are off limits, I would like to make one comment.  The default mime-type icons
are nondescript and, without careful scrutiny, indistinguishable from one another.  I happened
to find some distinctive icons on my system (Linux) in a folder named 'locolor'.  They or
the old icons (still in use on the community forum) are much more attractive than the present
default icons.  The same icons were once used as logos but I don't know whether that is still
the case.

As far as the product name is concerned, some people are uneasy about using 'OpenOffice' with
'.org'.  I understand that and 'Apache Office' would be fine.  I have an inkling that in
the USA Microsoft has virtually gained proprietary rights to the word 'office';  perhaps
someone from the USA can comment.  If that is the case, how would 'ApacheOffice' go down
with the ASF?  Lotus Office, from memory, was called 'SmartSuite'.  Are Symphony and OO
to be merged?  'Apache OfficeSuite' is one possibility.  There are, no doubt, more possibilities,
hence the reason for involving more people in the discussion.

The old name comes with some negative baggage as well as the positive one of familiarity and
currency.  LibreOffice is a new name and the product has, in a short time, gained many users. 
Perhaps the powers that be should be thinking of starting with a clean slate.  It may well
be a successful marketing ploy to put out a sign saying "under new management."

I'll read through the other emails later.  My present thinking is that members of this list
who are not on the ooo-dev list can find better things to do than engage in an academic discussion.

Regards, Terry

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> From: Dennis E. Hamilton <>
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> Sent: Wednesday, 2 November 2011 2:15 AM
> Subject: RE: Process for deciding on branding strategy for our first release
> If every post on this thread is being cross-posted to two lists, why is it being 
> conducted on two lists?  All it does is expose the prospect of the thread 
> forking between the two lists and turning into a tangled mess.  It also forces 
> anyone who is keen on this topic to read both lists to make sure that 
> eventuality is forestalled.
> I recommend that a single list be chosen for continuation.  
> At present, instead of providing shelter of the ooo-marketing list from the 
> clutter on ooo-dev, this is either adding clutter to ooo-dev or it really needs 
> to be a [DISCUSS] there. 

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