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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Branding of the 3.4 release
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 19:06:26 GMT
I'm moving this conversation over from ooo-dev, since it is a great
fit for the new ooo-marketing list.

It may not be evident from the digressive threads on ooo-dev, but we
are making good progress on the 3.4 release.  From what I've heard, we
could have an build that we can start testing in November, on Windows,
Mac and Linux.

One of the things we need to figure out for the 3.4 release is how we
brand the product.  Name and logo.

As most of you know, Oracle had the registered trademark for
"" as well as the logo trademark.  These now belong to

However, we cannot continue calling the product ""
because that does not comply with Apache branding requirements [1].
Apache products must be called "Apache X" (for some value of X).

So possible names are:

a) Apache

b) Apache OpenOffice

c) Apache Office

d) Apache <fill in the blank>

Could we resolve this question, hopefully without excess bloodshed,
within the next 6 weeks?  I think we need to resolve it that quickly
in order to get the new branding applied to the 3.4 release.

Also, if at all possible, could we have an initial discussion on "how"
we will decide this?  What techniques, what data, what form of
argument or analysis will be persuasive to us and lead to the best
results?  It won't help at all (I fear) if we just all respond with
our preferred name based or anecdotal evidence.  That probably will
not lead us to consensus.

In any case, welcome to the ooo-marketing list.  Enjoy!




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