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From "Marla Davis" <>
Subject RE: Request: An AOOo banner
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 21:53:43 GMT
Not sure if I am in wrong place for this, but I am in a big goldanged hurry,
so here goes:
(I will have another look at the official link later.)(

Think of "Apache" as the genus, and the second word as the "species."
The "species" represents the torus (field), or perhaps the providere
I hesitate to pin this Ooo body of work to a single culture.
The second name needs to be unburdened by search results of similar
If "Apache" and its second word is something like: kunh (fire), or
Gian-nah-ta (always ready) if morphed into giannata. There is also, Kah
Truly, it does not matter if the second word is meaningful. It could be
something like: ANF, which is the acronym for a hormone responsible for
modulating the function of the emotional-cognitive system. (Citation on

May we expand our collective frame of reference on this matter of choosing a
second name? 
Marla Davis 

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