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Subject [Bug 57459] recently used master page allways empty
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2012 17:16:41 GMT

Jesse T Alford <> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Jesse T Alford <> ---
(Jesse Alford 11/02/2012, Re-investigation)

I see two perceived problems in this report, intersecting to be one reported

1: When a master slide is no longer in use, it vanishes, destroying user’s
2: The “Recently Used” area of Master Pages in the task pane is perceived as
always being empty.

The intersection between these issues is that it appears “recently used” is
failing to preserve master pages created within the project; this would be a
bug, if that was the function of “recently used” OR if master pages still had
the vanishing problem; happily, neither appears to be the case, so this bug may
no longer exist.

This issue has not been updated in four years. Meanwhile, problem number 1 has
been addressed. Master pages appear in the “Used in This Presentation” area
even when they are not in use on any slides. I will provide steps to
demonstrate this.

The behavior of “problem 2” still exists, but without problem 1, it may no
longer actually be a problem. The specification
( says of
the“Recently Used” area:

“[this pane displays]…The most recently used master pages.  This includes
master pages from all recently edited documents not just the current one.
Master pages that are in use by the current document are already shown in the
another list and thus not shown in this one.”

If master pages from outside the document have been used recently, they will
appear in Recently Used, revealing that it is not “always empty.” The steps
below show this, as well.

Since master pages created within the document - but not currently used on
slides - are now still displayed in the “Used in This Presentation” area, they
are not duplicated in the “Recently Used” area, which is what the spec calls

Steps to tour the situation as it now exists:

1: Create a new presentation
2: From the menu bar, Select View>Master>Slide Master
3: Click the “New Master” button, and set the new master’s style for the
“Title” to strikethrough to distinguish it from the Default master. It will be
called Default 1.
4: Close Master View and create an additional slide. 
5: Apply the new master to it by right-clicking on it in the Master Pages area
of the task pane and selecting “Apply to Selected Slides” with the new slide
6: Open the “available for use” section of the master pages area, right-click
on any of the non-default master pages there, and select “Apply to All Slides”
· Note that:  All slides now use the selected master, and thus do not use
Default 1. Default 1 still appears in the “Used in This Presentation” area, as
do Default and the newly selected master.
7: Right click the original, default master and Apply to All Slides.
· Note that: All slides now use the default master, and as before, Default 1 is
not in use, but remains in the “Used in This Presentation” area. The recently
selected external master now appears in the Recently Used area.
8: Right-click/apply to all Default 1.
· Note that:  Default and the recently selected master both remain where they

I’ve used this set of steps to produce the reported behavior on two
Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit, Open Office 3.4.1, Build 9593 Rev 1372282
Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Intel) Open Office 3.4.1 Build 9593, Rev. 1372282

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