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Subject [Bug 34106] Fit text to frame
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2012 08:49:19 GMT changed:

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--- Comment #6 from ---
I believe that this bug should be categorized as a new feature request rather
than a simple enhancement. I came up with this conclusion after reproducing the
bug and other follow-up testing. A whole new feature is missing in Open Office
Impress, when compared to the market leader PowerPoint and it is more than a
simple user interface or user experience problem. 

I replicated the problem as reported with the current version of Open Office-
Impress on Windows 7 Home premium (64 bit)  

Open Office 3.4.1 AOO341m1(build9593)- Rev.1372282

Although this problem has been reports several years ago, the issue remains a
problem in the current version of the product.

Following are the replication steps for the bug to be reproduced.

1. Open the OpenOffice Impress software.
2. Open a new presentation with a blank slide
3. Pick the ‘ title,content ‘ slide layout on the right side
4. In either of the boxes  on the blank slide, type a large amount of text to
fill the entire box and keep typing until the frame of the box becomes larger
and larger and outgrows the slide.
5. You will notice that text box and text within the box are spilled out of the
slide altogether.
6. When you play the slideshow, you will notice that not all of the text
entered is visible.

As expected, I was not able to replicate the issue on MS PowerPoint software.
Powerpoint adjusts the font size accordingly so that text stays within the box
and the box doesn't spill out of the slide.

Follow­Up Tests
After the followup tests, I am convinced that whole new feature of Autofit of
text is missing on Impress. 

1. I tried the same steps as above , but using different layouts of blank
slides, e.g. title , title+contents etc. to determine if style of the layout
makes any difference. Same problem has been observed.
2.I tried entering the large text into other frames like title box, subtitle
box etc. Same problem has been observed.
3. I tried the same steps but changed the text setting on the text formatting
menu to ‘Fit text to frame’. Only the frame got elongated horizontally, but
spilled out side the slide anyway.

Please see the Screen shots attached.

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