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Subject [Bug 120807] Document file is locked for editing
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 19:59:34 GMT

Mason Peterson <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Mason Peterson <> ---
Bug 120807 – Document file is locked for editing

Open Office: AOO 3.4.1 and 3.5.0 *r1400866
Operating System: PC Windows 7 64bit (with and without Microsoft office

I have tried with both of the above builds to try and reproduce this issue but
am unable to do so. My test steps are listed below to allow clarification on
the process. I did my best to match Brian’s actions but admit that I had to
assume a few things.

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Open an open office impress document 
 - Creating a new document from within impress or from the right click menu.
 - Use an existing document from either PowerPoint or Open Office.
 - See additional tests below to see variables on this step.
2.Click file > save as > and then select .ppt as the file type.
3.Click save
4.Close out impress and attempt to open the recently saved document using open
office impress. (presentation)

Expected: According to Brian this is where the program locks and the document
is read only.
My Result: The document opens without difficulty and I am able to edit and
alter it.

Notes: In following the basic outline of the steps above I tested the following
-I created the document in PowerPoint and then re-opened it in open office
-I saved a complicated document (i.e. pictures and multiple slides)
-I used a document created using the Open Office AOO 3.3.0 and then opened
after changing to 3.4.1
-I also installed 3.3 first and then "upgraded" or rather re-installed (since
upgrading is not possible with open office) to 3.4 and then completed the
-I saved the file to different locations. 
-I saved it from Open office as a .ppt then opened it in PowerPoint then saved
it again (not save as just save) and then reopened in Open Office. 

None of the above scenarios revealed the issue reported. There could be
something different about my configuration but all the details mentioned by
Brian were duplicated in all Above tests.

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