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Subject [Bug 120691] date/time is displayed as different format in exported odp
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2012 18:33:18 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Levente Balint <> ---
Investigation on 3.4.1:

The bug only reproduces if the Update automatically option is selected on Date
and Time. If it’s set to Fixed, the bug does not reproduce.
The bug does not seem to be specific to any locale or locale change. I was able
to reproduce it with RO and HU settings as well.
In addition to this, the bug reproduces on the initially created ppt. as well.
(when opening it with Impress 3.4.1 the date on the footer appeared in Chinese)
This led me to believe that the behavior reproduces with any format supported
by impress (this would be a good set of followup tests)

Alternate steps to reproduce (on 3.4.1):

1. Create ppt with MS Powerpoint on a machine with a certain locale 
(e.g. en-US)
2. Add footer Date and Time to the ppt 
(go to Insert > Header & Footer > tick Date and Time > select Update
automatically > Apply to All)
3. Change locale for the machine(e.g. Chinese)
(Control Panel > Clock Language and Region > Change date/time/format > Format
>> this might require a system restart for changes to take effect
4. Open the ppt in Impress

Expected: the ppt Footer displays in English
Actual: the Date format is in Chinese

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