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Subject [Bug 120520] OpenOffice 3.4 - Item animation not working
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2012 22:38:13 GMT

Scotty <> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Scotty <> ---
Build 3.4.1 - Windows 7 x64

Report tends to indicate 2 possible issues, have listed these out below:

Issue 1: Was reported there was an issue with the bottom bullet point appearing
on all slides when custom animation was used on the bullet points

1. Open OO app and when popup appears select "create"
2. Select the title menu of the slide and enter a title
3. Select the lower text box of the same slide and enter some text
4. Select the "bullets on/off" from the toolbar (making sure they are on)
5. Enter some additional text (more bullets with text).
7. Select 'slide show' from the menu
8. Choose "custom Animation, Choose Add, select "fly in slow" under the
entrance heading and 'ok'
10. Select slide 1 and the select F5

Slide 1 appears with the title, body text, bullet points and custom animation
correct, select any key and the 2nd slide will appear and this displays the
title correctly and the bullet point text is displaying correctly on the slide.

•    Also attempted to use a number of different custom animations for the
bullet points, was unable to replicate the issue.

Works as expected

Issue 2: App crashing when selecting through the slideshow to fast when the
slideshow has custom animations associated.

1. Repeat steps 1-3
2. Add an additional 5 slides with Title and body text
2. Select 'slide show' from the menu
3. Choose "custom Animation" for each of the slides, Choose Add, select Circle
under the entrance heading and 'ok'
4. Repeat steps 1-4 (to add  an additional 10-50 slides)
5. Select F5 
6. Press the space bar fast to go through the slideshow quickly
7. Open slide show and go to the first few slides then attempt to go back and
forward quickly

Would like to perform this Follow up test:

1. Create a slide show in OO 3.3 with bullet points and animation
2. Import that into OO 3.4.1
3. Launch the slideshow

•    Attempted this with a number of different animations, tables, pictures  
and text boxes and attempted to go through the slideshow as fast as possible
and the application did not crash.

•    Was unable to replicate any of these 2 in OO 3.4.1 on Win 7  x64

•    If the file could be supplied further investigation could be done

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