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Subject [Bug 117072] export to pdf deletes embedded eps images
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 20:58:50 GMT

Isaac Howard <> changed:

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--- Comment #9 from Isaac Howard <> ---
Open Office: AOO 3.3.0 (Build 9567)
Operating System: Mac OS 10.7.5

Clarification Information:
EPS files are allowed to be created:
 - without a preview available
 - with a preview available

Steps to Reproduce:
1 - Create an EPS file with a preview.
2 - Create an EPS file without a preview.
3 - Create a new Impress file  (File -> New -> Presentation)
4 - Add a 2nd Slide (Insert -> Slide)
5 - Title the first Slide "EPS with Preview"
  5a - insert the EPS with Preview into the body of the slide (Insert ->
Picture -> From File -> "Select File")
6 - Title the second slide "EPS without Preview"
  6a - insert the EPS without Preview into the body of the slide (Insert ->
Picture -> From File -> "Select File")

  The preview via slides preview doesn't show either image.

7 - Export as PDF (File -> Export as PDF
  7a - Click 'Export'
  7b - Enter a file name and click 'Save'
8 - Open the PDF file using Adobe

Expected results:
  The EPS with Preview should show an image, the EPS without Preview should
show an empty placeholder. (According to the AOO documentation located here
Actual results:
  This is exactly what happens.

  I don't think this is a bug but works as designed, per the documentation and
the results described. I would find out from the original user if his EPS had a
preview embedded in it. In looking at it, I don't think it does. (but I don't
know of a way to verify that for certain)

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