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Subject [Bug 112098] Objects pasted from a larger page size appear off the page
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2012 11:02:19 GMT

Ilari Henrik Aegerter <> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Ilari Henrik Aegerter <> ---
(Ilari Henrik Aegerter - 03.11.12 - Reproduction on Win 7 OS, observing
additional effects)

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate – 32Bit, AOO341m1(Build:9593) – Rev. 1372282

Set up:

Impress small slide size: 7.00cm x 5.25cm

Impress big slide size: 56.00cm x 42.00cm

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create two Impress documents with two slides, a big and a small (see set up
2. Place a rectangle in each corner of the big slide
3. Add ‘Title’ and ‘Main Text’

-> see screen shot ‘big slide.png’
4. Mark all on big slide -> Ctrl+C
5. Go to small slide -> Ctrl+V

-> see screen shot ‘small slide.png’

I observed 3 different effects:
1. Under default viewing conditions (slide space covers all window real estate)
the pasted content is not visible because it is located outside of the slide.
You need to zoom out in order to see the content. 
2. Since the content of the big slide is bigger than the size of the small
slide, it overlaps the slide into the grey area, BUT:

-> as can be seen on the screen shot ‘small slide.png’ it is off-center
3. ‘Title’ and ‘Main Text’ have a certain size on the big slide. After having
them copied to the small slide, the ‘Title’ has changed its size to a smaller
-> see screen shot ‘small slide.png’

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