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Subject [Bug 86998] Some format -text options can be applied to only one text object at a time
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 08:16:50 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Alexandra Casapu <> ---
For example, consider the following flow:

1. The user opens Impress and starts creating a new presentation
2. Using the text box button(F2), he/she adds some text objects on a slide by
clicking on a point in the slide (this way a text box with default checked 'fit
to text' options is created)
3. After selecting the group of added text objects, the user right-clicks and
selects ‘Position and size’
4. He/she modifies the width in the Position and size tab of the opened
overlay(eg. set to 15) and clicks on Ok

⇒ The ‘Fit width to text’ option will become unchecked for the group of
objects. Now the user cannot check it unless he/she manually selects each text

I think this is an incosistency within the 'set size to fit text' options.

This behavior was verified on Win7 with OpenOffice 3.4.1, Build 9593.

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