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Subject [Bug 121218] Hyperlinks visited and unvisited. Hyperlinks, once visited, do not take the "visited hyperlink" colour specified by user in tools.
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2012 15:00:39 GMT

Richard <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Richard <> ---
I have successfully reproduced this issue according to these same steps:
1. Create new Impress document
2. Type some words in Title, Heading, and Outline Styles
3. Add a hyperlink to each of those words
4. Go to Tools>Options>OpenOffice>Appearance>General and select different
colors for Unvisited and Visited hyperlinks
5. Show slideshow
6. Click on links

The links are correctly loaded in a browser, but the links do not change to
their visited color.
The links correctly change to the unvisited color I have only just changed.

Expected Result
Once clicked, the hyperlinks should change to the color specified in the

Configuration Details
Tested on a Windows 7 machine, 64b Home Premium OS, 4GB RAM, Intel i5, Acer
I am running the same OpenOffice version, 3.4.1.

Alternative Tests (all resulting in the same behavior/result)
1. Restarting the application
2. Restarting the operating system
3. Hyperlinks in Writer
4. Importing .pptx document
5. All outline styles
6. Across different pages
7. Across different styles
8. Auto-corrected vs manually created hyperlinks
9. Created a new color scheme
10. Click links fast repetitively but no sign of the color changing even for a
split second

According to the OOO forums, this issue has been observed across Mac OSX 10.5
and Linus(Fedora 17) system also:

Instructions in Help to change color
Change the attribute of all hyperlinks
1. Open the Styles and Formatting window.
2. Click the Character Styles icon.
3. Right-click the "Internet Link" or "Visited Internet Link" character style,
and choose Modify.
4. In the dialogue box, select the new attributes, and click OK.

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