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Subject [Bug 121185] Rotated metafile looses rotation of gradient in presentation mode and in export
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 12:38:13 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Regina Henschel <> ---
It is a deep problem, because not only presentation mode is affected, but
printing and export to pdf too. Now the gradient in a metafile is rotated
together with the metafile. That is a new feature. People will like it and will
use it to avoid the problem, that a gradient cannot be rotated together with
the shape. They will complain rightly, when the print is different from the
edit view.

If I understand you correctly, solution B would result in a wrong gradient,
because the bounding rectangle of the rotated shape is used. So it is no option
for me. Does version A solves printing too? Then it would be the right way, but
possible for 3.5? Or do we need a total new feature "rotate filling together
with shape" like provided in MS Office?

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