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Subject [Bug 121055] Copying and pasting a paragraph with a hyperlink breaks fonts.
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 04:25:19 GMT

MikeNelson <> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from MikeNelson <> ---
I was also able to replicate this bug using the steps listed. I also tested
another font, Times New Roman and produced the same results as before. The Text
before the hyperlink maintains the font from Writer to Calc, but the hyperlink
and everything after it changes to the Courier New font.

>From the original instructions:
(I added notes under some other the steps)
1.) Launch Writer.
2.) Go to Tools -> AutoCorrect Options -> Options and make Make sure that URL
recognition is turned on.
  - I was able to replicate the bug with and without this step
3.) Type the following: "I'm making a hyperkink to, but
the font just switched."
4.) Highlight all the text and switch the font to Verdana.
  - I also tried Times New Roman font.
5.) Highlight all the text and click Edit -> Copy.
  - I used Ctrl-C
6.) Launch Calc.
7.) Highlight the first cell, and click Edit -> Paste.
  - I used Ctrl-V
  - I also was able to replicate the bug in different cells besides A1

I agree with everyone else on here about the severity of this bug. Not being
able to maintain the style of text from one app to another, (in the same
software suite no less) can make it difficult to have consistency between
documents and spreadsheets that support one another.

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