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Subject [Bug 120805] [From Symphony] As a user, I want to see Chart Data cache can be imported correctly from .pptx file
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 02:44:57 GMT

--- Comment #11 from Tang Meng <> ---
In case1, the shape is incomplete because of chart drawing. If you make a xlsx
file with stock chart, the result is the same to this case.
In case2, 2007-5-1 isn't in chart.xml, so is can't display. Our core function
can't support this case. If you make a xlsx file with this chart, the result is
the same to this case.
These two cases aren't in filter scope. They are in core funtion scope. We may
open two new defect to solve these issues.

(In reply to comment #10)
> (In reply to comment #7)
> For stock type chart, this is correct.
> If you
> change chart type to other type, you can see the lost data.

not only the
> data,but also the shape is incomplete of the stock type.
there is still work
> to do if you want to support the stock type.

Besides,there is another
> problem of this fix.See test case2.
When date using as category,the x-axis
> should be continuously.
In test case2 ,there should be a 2007-5-1 between
> 2007-4-1 and 2007-6-1.
Using the true value to paint the chart before format
> it as date may be a good way.

Hope we can put our result together to make
> AOO better to use.

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