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Subject [Bug 118131] Strange redirection
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:57:47 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Kay <> ---
I think the redirection, given its markup, was intended to be instantaneous,
but it seems you still got more of a delay.

your comment...

" the old page during a *long enough time* for users to read the warning
that they are redirected to the new page. Are we supposed to be superman and
read everything in one second?"

would have been more polite, yes.

re your other are right, it would have been better to do a
"better" redirect and explain to the end-user where they were going and why
rather than this abrupt change. I can see where routing to ONE page containing
a laundry list would have been very off-putting. We will work on this.

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