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Subject [Bug 118131] Strange redirection
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2012 10:34:54 GMT

--- Comment #3 from ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> You are indeed directed to a new wiki page containing FAQs for OpenOffice.
> This is not a weird redirection but a purposeful redirection.
> Once on the wiki FAQ page, you may want to check out the "Formula Editor"
> information (bottom right) which I think is where you were probably headed.

Wow, after one year, this bug finally got some attention!

I knew the redirection is purposeful, and a *purposeful* can still be *strange*
-- these two adjectives are not contradictory. And I had found the FAQ page I
was looking at before posting this bug.  That's not the point of this bug.  My
points are:

1. bad user experience: users go to the original URL and then suddenly
"teleported" to somewhere else. I mean, why show the old page during one second
if you want to do redirection and show the new page? Other websites wouldn't do
like this. They either do not show the old page at all, or show the old page
during a *long enough time* for users to read the warning that they are
redirected to the new page. Are we supposed to be superman and read everything
in one second?

2. bad redirection: all old URL are redirected to the *same* new URL. This is
simply wrong. Professional web sites would have never done so.

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