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Subject [Bug 115187] More than 55 photos don't load
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 04:36:56 GMT

Travis M. <> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Travis M. <> ---
I was attempting to reproduce this with release version 3.4.1. I made a table
with 2 columns and 100 rows (for 200 pictures). As I began filling them it
became slower and slower. I went to watch a movie, and when I came back it had
errored out on a number of the pictures with 'Picture could not be loaded' I
believe this is the problem the report is about. The pictures at the top loaded
fine, but at a certain point (about picture 120) they stopped loading. They
were loaded fine before I left, so at some point they errored out. I couldn't
get them to show up again, so I saved the document, and loaded it again, and
they all load fine now. This would seem to indicate it is an out of memory

I then tried to save it as a .doc from openoffice, and it crashed. The ODT file
is 100MB with all of the pictures (.5-1.5MB each). I opened up task manager,
while trying to save again, and the soffice process is using 1.2GB RAM just
before it crashes (but the process doesnt go away when the application closes).

I believe Andrew Norris couldn't replicate this because of the size of the
images used in his test case, and perhaps the amount of RAM in his system (I
have 4gb). 

Because of the way openoffice appears to handle media imbeds, everything is
loaded at once, regardless of whether or not it is being shown at the time, so
this explodes in memory after enough pictures are put in. If you don't have
enough space for the pictures to be loaded, they error out.

A suggestion for how to fix this would be to take the pictures out of RAM
unless the user is looking at the page they are on. That however might not be
an easy thing to do, and could affect usability for users not currently
effected by this issue.

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