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From J Whit <>
Subject Re: Bug # 120381 - 3.4 install corrupts dictionary search
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:31:13 GMT
Dear Sirs:

I experienced this bug immediately after updating to 3.4 from 3.3 open 
office.  I have searched the bug database, and find no workaround or 
solution, and I now have a broken system with the problem on both 3.3 
and 3.4.  I even tried a system restore to before the installation, with 
no change in the problem, so there must have been some corruption of the 
registry or other OO system files that persist across installation.

I am extremely disappointed in your pushing 3.4 out without adequate QA 
(I have been programming for 25+ years, and done professional software 
Quality Assurance on Unix systems, as well as applications and systems 
programming on main frames and personal computers).

Please find below my current comment on this problem, which I also 
registered as a comment on the subject bug list.  Please provide some 
workaround as soon as possible to at least be able to restore a user 
system back to a functioning previous version.
I would be happy to help with solving this problem if your programmer 
would like.  I am sorry I can't provide a test case in this instance, 
but I do have the system with the problem on my laptop computer.  If you 
have a debugging version of Open Office that might identify the cause of 
the problem, I would be able to install it and allow remote access to 
that system.

Bug 120381 Comment

I have the identical problem which occurred immediately after allowing 
an update from v.3.3 to v. 3.4.  The update blew away my previous open 
files which I wanted to be restored, and now any file I open or create 
(writer or calc) wants every word to be corrected!

NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! This is a Show-stopper, as it corrupts a 
previously working version without the ability to restore functionality.

Please stop pushing 3.4 out until this bug is fixed and provide a work 
around to restore the previous version.

There needs to be a patch or work-around available to get back to a 
working 3.3 level until this bug can be fixed!

I have tried uninstalling 3.4, reinstalling 3.3 and a clean install of 
3.4 to no avail - no dictionary (using default English dictionary) is 
recognized. System restore does not affect the problem on either version.

System Info:  Acer laptop, Windows 7, I-3 64 bit processor - previous 
Open Office release 3.3, (may have had open files to be restored after 
logging off before installing 3.4)


Jim White

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