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Subject [Bug 17188] Find and Replace doesn't take case of original word in to account
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 17:36:29 GMT

--- Comment #14 from ---

I just came across this 'bug'.

I will call it a bug since the search/replace feature breaks another feature,
being that of the spell-correction, which automatically uppercases the first
letter of each sentence, which purpose is to keep the content correct.

A workaround is to do 2, up to 3 case sensitive search-and-replace actions for
a single word. One of the first features of a text editor that was a huge
improvement over using paper was the ability to search and replace, to automate
repetitive actions.

In short, it should be higher priority. The 'trivial' label does not apply to
the importance, but to the effort of implementing it (although looking at the
code that may not be entirely accurate ;))

Also, I have some updates to the issue attributes:
- component should be: editing (with effect in gui)
- version: OOO 3.3 (OOO330m20 build 9567)
- Platform: PC Windows 7

Thank you.

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