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Subject [Bug 121133] some online company misrepresenting yours!
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 01:32:53 GMT

--- Comment #1 from ---

what i'll just paste below is a copy of a short 'hacker info' i just sent to
FTC ... i hope i'm sending it to the right department in your company too:

the company whose info i provided, by the name:, is
misrepresenting another valid Company apparently!

(the original company,, is a true company actually with its well
known 'totally free' products.)

anyway, the fake company, the first one mentioned above, doesn't ask for money
or personal information really, but its installer installs a number of toolbars
and other 'free' software on one's computer (some almost impossible to find or 
remove later after installation!) and in the end, it doesn't even install the
actual intended product, the Open Office suite of programs either!

meanwhile, with a rather long 'download' time it takes for the installer
utility program to pretend it's installing the Open Office products, it slows
down the computer extremely, while the Internet connection light on the modem
keeps blinking, which to me sounds like it's in fact stealing information from
my system rather than installing the product!

i'm also sending this info to the true Open Office company in order to let them
know about it. many thanks and good luck finding and stopping these hackers
from their misdeed, whoever they are!

ps = here's the link to my first search online, where both real as well as fake
companies' website links can be found:

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