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Subject [Bug 120976] External cell ranges including empty rows break LBound/UBound
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2012 14:13:29 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Andrea Pescetti <> ---
Created attachment 79515
File bug_bounds.ods for the simplified analysis

To reproduce and study the bug it's enough to:

1) Save the data file numbers.ods and the file bug_bounds.ods in the same
2) Open bug_bounds.ods (allow macros and update links when asked).

The same range (B5:D11) is seen as a 7x3 array when in the same document, as a
5x3 array (i.e., empty rows are trimmed) when imported from an external

For reference, there might be some similarity to
(but the description does not really match)
and the same bug can be seen at
but is untouched there.

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