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Subject [Bug 120825] Curve bitmap conversion problem
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2012 22:35:23 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Lance Gropper <> ---
The first problem turned out to be with Anti-aliasing and due to the thickness
of the curves. That completely explains the problem. Armin determined the
previous problem was not a bug and closed it, and I agree with his decision.
This second problem isn't with anti-aliasing or curve thickness, and I don't
see anything which could explain it (it's almost as if having the endpoints set
to none is the same as having them set to rounded). Collectively, I'm trying to
find a way to do this as it's holding up software development that I need the
graphics for. So while this problem may not come up for everyone and may not be
a blocker, to me, it is pretty critical. I found another work-around, but it
apparently only works on curves, and has another bug associated with it
(rotating cropped bitmaps only rotates the cropping - it doesn't rotate the
bitmap). Wait a minute - that might be a work-around. Create these shapes,
convert them to bitmaps, let the problems occur, then crop the problems out.
I'll give that a try. So for example, in the sample drawing I sent, I could
crop off the excess 0.1" on the right and bottom, and it should be perfect,
unless of course, the file export puts it back in or something...

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