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Subject [Bug 120804] New: Test plan:Name Scope enhancement for spreadsheet
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2012 06:49:09 GMT

          Priority: P3
            Bug ID: 120804
           Summary: Test plan:Name Scope enhancement for spreadsheet
          Severity: normal
        Issue Type: DEFECT
    Classification: Application
                OS: All
          Hardware: All
            Status: CONFIRMED
           Version: AOO350-dev
         Component: editing
           Product: spreadsheet

>From Enhancement bug 120478
This enhancement will be completed in 2 steps.
In step 1, we want to just focus on the interoperability of MS Excel range
based defined name. 
When user open a Excel file which has range based defined name, the duplicated
range name will be kept. AOO will use sheet scoped name in prior to workbook
scoped name when do calculation. And some indicator is shown in name define
In step 1 we will not modify the ODF file format. When save Excel xls/xlsx file
with sheet scoped defined name to ods file, AOO will rename sheet scoped
defined name as "sheet_name" plus "defined name", like SheetName_DefinedName.

In step 2, we want to support create worksheet scope defined name from GUI. We
will refer the file format from LibreOffice if their implementation is in ODF
standard or ODF standard candidate.

1. If duplicate names are used in a formula,save file to ODF format, the
formula for the name("aaa") defined in a sheet is of:=SUM(aaa) the formula for
the anme defined in a workbook is of:=SUM(aaa) if reload the exported file to
Aoo,all will be marked as the name in a sheet.
2. If a formula references a name that is defined in other workbook,load the
file in Aoo,it will be displayed as "#NAME?". 

Key point in testing:
1. Test load duplicate names from MS 2003 file.
2. Test save duplicate names to MS 2003 file.
3. Test load duplicate names from MS 2007 file.
4. Test load duplicate names form ODF file.
5. Test save duplicate names to ODF file. 
6. Test 2 limitation will cause other issue
7. Test Duplicate names in different sheet
8, Test Duplicate names in sheet and workbook
9. Test Duplicate names in 2 or more sheet and workbook
10.Test Define Duplicate names in one file and use it in anther file.
11. Test duplicate names use in every SC type file(.ods/.xls/.xlsx), and test
duplicate names in formula and DataPilot

Will cover Windows/Linux/Mac 

Case list
Test case stored in TestLink system,
I will write test case later in TestLink

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