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Subject [Bug 119612] [From Symphony][BiDi]The order of Hebraic string are changed after save as new .doc
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 06:24:49 GMT

zjchen <> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from zjchen <> ---
In MS Word, if a paragraph has English and Arabian text, The order of text will
not be reversed and the RTL property(which property ID is 0x085A) would not be

While loading the document in AOO, the RTL property is not handled and saved.
and the export process logic will export the paragraph has the property of
"RTL" simply for there is Arabian text in paragraph. See 
<WW8AttributeOutput::RTLAndCJKState> in main\sw\source\filter\ww8\ww8atr.cxx
Line 952-953 for more detail.

There is another character property sprmCIdctHint specifies a script bias for
the text in the run for Unicode characters that are shared between far east and
non-far east scripts. we also need to support this property in mixed English
and Arabian text situation.

The solution is that add these two properties in AOO to record RTL and IdctHint
property value, when loading MS Word document, handle the properties and save
the value into document model. when this document saving to MS Word document,
write out the property value according to the new properties in property set.

Noticed that this solution just support the properties in loading and saving.
So the text order will  display correctly in MS Word while wrong in word

I propose to create a new issue to track the text order in word processor is
not consistent with in Word. SW core function need further improvement to
support these properties.

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