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Subject [Bug 19292] Split Windows for Multiple Files
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 18:02:34 GMT changed:

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--- Comment #22 from ---
Hello new to this - but realised that am not alone as new user to Open stuff my
experience in various offices is that splitting the screen for word processing
is very very very common
original doc in one and current editing doc. in other part - but both on same
screen with ability to scroll up and down - as this thread seems to have been
open more or less since 2004 thats a good 8 years i am surprised that no
fantastically capable or even averagely capable programmer has managed to solve
obviously for the moment i open two documents resize them (which on lap tops
touch pads take time) align them get rid of tool bars on original doc. and then
try and get on with scrolling up and down clicking etc
having to get rid of toolbars is annoying as sometimes As a Translator (i
notice one of original users posting also was/is translator) i obviously use
thesaurus one both docs.
My shortcut - apple or squiggle+F7 as indicated on pulldown menu does not work
and has never worked so i have to go to toolbar menu and do it the 'long way
obviously having come from a time of Real Copy And Paste (then copy and tipped
and copy again) i love computers and what they are capable of doing
Now that Apple has dumped any access to MS word (older versions) something i
didn't know they were going to do - i am gallantly  going with Opensource
(which i had planned to do anyway)
am surprised as next person that two diff. docs can't be views on a 'split
thanks for advice

(In reply to comment #20)
> Adjacent viewing and editing (at least) two documents is very useful and 
> sometimes even important since it greatly simplifies such kind of work.
> Imagine, 
> how many mouse movements and clicks it needs to make, editing some long
> document 
> and visually comparing it with another one (clicking, moving mouse,
> scrolling, 
> etc.) without two synchronized and ajacent views, but having only different
> and 
> independent of each other windows.
> Many thanks to OpenOffice developers for their great work.
> Look forward for this feature to be implemented.

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