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Subject [Bug 120749] [From Symphony] Fill color animations run too fast
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 13:01:43 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Andre <> ---
This bug is caused by wrong handling of start value of the fill color

The animation starts with the current fill color of the shape and ends with the
fixed target color of the animation (it can be chosen via the Impress UI):
there is a start color C_s and a target color C_t.  The color at time t with t
in [0,1] should be

   C(t) = (t-1)*C_s + t*C_t

but ATM is calculcated as

   C(t) = (t-1)*C(t-delta_t) + t*C_t

where C(t-delta_t) is the interpolated color value of the last frame, which
with increasing t is nearer to C_t than to C_s.

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