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Subject [Bug 120720] Import .xls created by Excel 2007, with named drawing object, there is a crash.
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2012 07:59:14 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Zhang Lu <> ---
I am working on this defect.
Now I found root cause is some sdr object didn't contain a sdrmodule, when
calling the API SrdOject->GetModule(), which return NULL, and cause AOO crash.

I filter side, SvxMSDffManager::ImportShape() is a key point.
In this function, sdr object group will not be set module on it. 
if(aObjData.nSpFlag & SP_FGROUP)
   pRet = new SdrObjGroup
   ....  // there is no call function setModule(); 

And if(eShapeType >= mso_sptStraightConnector1 && eShapeType <=
mso_sptCurvedConnector5) the sdroject will be deleted and a new SdrEdgeObj will
be created, in this process, function setModule() is not be called neither.

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