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Subject [Bug 120707] New: When converting to bitmaps, colors are added and positions are altered.
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2012 22:51:51 GMT

          Priority: P3
            Bug ID: 120707
           Summary: When converting to bitmaps, colors are added and
                    positions are altered.
          Severity: normal
        Issue Type: DEFECT
    Classification: Application
                OS: Windows XP
          Hardware: PC
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
           Version: AOO 3.4.0
         Component: editing
           Product: drawing

Created attachment 79132
Export of problems.

When a object or group is converted to a bitmap, strange things happen -
sometimes there is a resize on one axis by 1 pixel, and sometimes colors are
introduced that weren't there. The attached image was created entirely in OO
Draw. Here's a description of how it was made, and what is wrong: This was done
with the grid set to 0.25" vertically and horizontally - i.e. 4 squares per
inch. The black background was only made to show the white edges. The corners
were made by creating a 45 degree white line, converting it to a curve, then
setting the curve handles so each was half-way vertically above or horizontally
away from the point. The line thickness was set to the second level of
thickness. The color was changed to white. The background started off as a grey
square, with the border set to 0" invisible. All grey squares were copied from
this one before anything was done to it. One corner was deleted, then the two
corners which go against the curve were converted to curves as was the line.
This was moved to be behind the line (line was set to front), and it was
grouped. The middle is just a square, the sides just have vertical lines. The
ones with lines running through the middle just had additional horizontal lines
added. Again, all grey areas have the borders set to a width of 0" with the
line being invisible. Each one with more than one object was grouped. Each one
was clicked on and the convert to bitmap function was used. Here's a
description of the problems: For starters, after conversion, the corners no
longer lined up with the snap points, and all squares were
realigned/re-snapped. I think this is because it used the thickness of the
curves and lines and added them to the grey areas. But in addition to this: If
you look very carefully, the upper and lower two curves have white lines along
the inner edges. Both of the left and right sides have white lines on the upper
and lower edges. The top and bottom squares have white lines on the left and
right sides. The top square has no white line on the bottom, but the bottom
square has a white line on the top. The upper middle square has a white line on
the left and top. The lower middle square has white lines all around.

So to sum it up: One problem looks like mine, but the other does not: The
problem which is mine apparently is not taking into consideration the thickness
of the outer lines when converting it to a bitmap, so the bitmaps didn't line
up after being resized, but the main concern is that the extra white lines are
appearing all over the place - and it's not artifacting - they really are in
the image, and aren't even consistent in each square.

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