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Subject [Bug 120707] When converting to bitmaps, colors are added and positions are altered.
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 15:44:35 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Lance Gropper <> ---
Hello Regina:

Attached is a "simplified example" of one of the two problems. What was done is
the grid was set to 0.25", a diagonal 1" line was drawn. It was converted to a
curve using the point edit function, converting each point to a curve, and
draging the handles vertically or horizontally to 1/2" away from the point, so
the curve is a 90 degree curve. The line thickness was changed to 0.10". The
space this curve occupies is exactly 1"x1". I duplicated the curve, then using
the Modify->Convert->To Bitmap function. The result is the bitmap is no longer
1"x1" - it is now 1.1"x1.1".

To keep it simple, I'm sending the second example separately...


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