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Subject [Bug 120707] When converting to bitmaps, colors are added and positions are altered.
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 15:49:28 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Lance Gropper <> ---
Created attachment 79203
Strange color demo

Second example:

This one is intermittent/unpredictable, so it didn't completely do it this
time, but here's the description: Using again the 0.25"x0.25" grid, I created a
black square. I duplicated it and used the Modify->Convert->To Bitmap on the
duplicate. The duplicate now has a top-edge which is not black (it's light
grey). It's not anti-aliasing, or the grey would be all the way around, plus
the background has no color, so how would it know what color to add as an
intermediary between the black and "nothing." There are two other parts to
this: 1) It does not always occur on the same side of the square - sometimes
other side(s) or all sides; and 2) On occasion (not always, but this is the
main bug), it will export with this grey line (when using
File->Export->Selection, and choosing PNG).

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