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Subject [Bug 120236] when decrease indent for bullet,the bullet will go out of page range.
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2012 04:56:49 GMT

Kevin Grignon <> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Kevin Grignon <> ---
While I'm not qualified to speak to the validity of negative or positive bullet
margin values within the specification, I feel I can comment on the user

Conceptually, here is how I see the bullet margins relative to the page
element. I feel the page margins define a canvas within which a document author
can capture and organize their thoughts and ideas. I see bullets or numbered
lists as a formatting action that help an author structure the information
design of their document. Indentation of bullets and numbered lists is an
additional positional formatting action that assists in establishing a visual
and information hierarchy for the content.

>From a user experience and usability perspective, I feel that we should provide
user control and freedom to increase or decrease the indentation of bullets
within the available, margin-defined area. This will allow a user to use
bullets and indentation in combination to structure their information - which
is the main goal. Our design solution should also be mindful to prevent errors,
or prevent the user from entering a state which does not support their
formatting goals or information design goals. Bullets extending off the page
(either negative or positive), may create a situation where the user is unable
to understand the system status, as the content is not visible, and where is
may be difficult to recover. 

In summary, I would recommend
- that we keep the bullets within the margin-defined document work area
- that we allow the user to position the bullets anywhere within this area, but
not beyond (negative, nor positive)

Keep it simple, keep it predictable.

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