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Subject [Bug 119711] [From Symphony]exit animation changed after save as ppt file to another ppt
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2012 06:04:25 GMT

--- Comment #2 from sunying <> ---
root cause:
  When saving the "Delay" value, the AnimationExporter::exportAnimEvent
function use an uninitalized value eTiming.
 at line 1381 in file "\main\sd\source\filter\eppt\pptexanimations.cxx",the "if
( eTiming == Timing_INDEFINITE )" is always false, and the nBegin value never
is assigned by fTiming. so the "Delay" value always is zero.

 according in "\main\offapi\com\sun\star\animationstiming.idl", describe the
indefinite of Timing:
 enum Timing
    /** specifies that a duration, end or start time is indefinite*/

    /** specifies a simple duration as the intrinsic media duration.
        This is only valid for elements that define media.
only and if only the eTiming is Timing_INDEFINITE, the animation has a fTiming,
so the judgment "if ( eTiming == Timing_INDEFINITE )" is unnecessary.

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