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Subject [Bug 119565] [From Symphony] The SUM formula result changed incorrectly if save the .xls doc to .ods one.
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2012 08:45:15 GMT

--- Comment #8 from Jianyuan Li <> ---
Issue clarification:
In Excel 2003 define a defined name as "=Sheet1!$D$3:$D$5,Sheet1!$B$3:$B$5". In
this defined name, a union operator(Excel uses "," and  AOO uses "~") is used
to form a union area. This defined name will be passed into a formula SUM.
Import them in AOO, by Excel 2003 filter the union operator will be translated
into ";" which is an old union operator. And SUM will take it as a parameter
separator. So the SUM result seems correct while it is not.
In AOO, union operator should be set as "~" in defined name. But fix in Excel
2003 filter is not reasonable. Because:
1. Defined name with union(OO uses ";") created in lower version OO(OOo2.4.3)
still cannot be imported correctly even if a fix is patched in Excel 2003
2. I have checked this formula "=SUM((B3:B5,D3:D5))"(union directly used)
created in Excel 2003. It will be imported as "=SUM((B3:B5~D3:D5))" which is
correct. While Excel 2003 filter still imports the union as ";". But as last it
is "~". Core function must does something which a hint to fix union issue in
defined name.

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