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Subject [Bug 119443] [From Symphony]the shape 3D property effect in MS PPT can't be load correctly.
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2012 08:34:44 GMT

--- Comment #9 from Armin Le Grand <> ---
ALG: Hi Jianyuan Li, what items can be set at an SdrObject depends on the range
it did use when constructing it's ItemSet. An ItemSet cannot simply store all
SfxItems which are registered at the SfxItemPool, but uses a sequence of range
values which correspond to Item-IDs.
The ItemSet containing the SdrObjects properties is separated from SdrObject in
sdr::properties::BaseProperties. The kind of BaseProperties constructed for an
SdrObject depends on it's implementation of CreateObjectSpecificProperties().
The SdrCustomShapeGeometryItem uses the ID SDRATTR_CUSTOMSHAPE_GEOMETRY which
range is supported in CustomShapeProperties::CreateObjectSpecificItemSet where
sdr::properties::CustomShapeProperties get created from
SdrObjCustomShape::CreateObjectSpecificProperties(). Thus, your SdrObject needs
to be a SdrObjCustomShape to hold a SdrCustomShapeGeometryItem. I would guess
that the SdrShape you are using is not of that type. If the SfxItem is not
supported by the SdrObject's SfxItemSet, it will be filtered out when SfxItems
are put to that SfxItemSet. This is wanted and often used functionality of
So please check if the SdrObject where SdrCustomShapeGeometryItem is set is of
type SdrObjCustomShape. If not, this is the problem. It should be of that type,
other SdrObject types cannot handle this type of item.
HTH! I'll try to look into this issue...

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